Tracey has many years of experience styling women for branding and business via her retail career and part of Ellie’s role as a recruiter was to ensure women were brand-representative through the clothes they wore for new jobs and interviews.


We wanted to create a mini personal styling session especially for new mums returning back to work after maternity leave. We’ve both been in your shoes and know how it feels to go back as a slightly different person, in either mindset, style or body. Our aim is to help you transition back into the workplace feeling confident, comfortable and slightly more armoured and for you to have one less thing to think about as you get ready to leave the house. 

What to expect:


Before visiting, we find out a bit about you via a questionnaire we send you to complete. From this we have an idea of what you do for a living, how you will commute, what an average day might look like and how we can help you create confidence in your style as a new working parent.


When we visit you in Leeds or the Yorkshire area, we’ll spend some time going through your existing wardrobe, using what you already own to create a series of interchangeable outfits that will get you started back at work after maternity leave. We’ll photograph you in all of the outfits so you have a visual guide to refer back to. 

We offer a reduced rate for this service which lasts around two hours and is based on a standard double wardrobe and one set of drawers.

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