During this session we work through your wardrobe item by item and put to one side anything that doesn't fit, you don’t wear, you don’t actually like or that doesn't make you feel amazing when you wear it. By removing the emotional tie and using us to go through the wardrobe for you, we can be pragmatic about what stays and what goes. It’s much easier to let go of things that don’t serve a purpose or that aren't fit for purpose if someone else is making that decision for you. 


Once we’ve taken out any items that may no longer work, we decide how to manage this process for you. It’s important to acknowledge that everyone’s journey is different, so we tailor this very much to the individual client’s needs. Anything we decide to remove is separated into piles that can be sold, donated to charity or packed away.

After this is done, we create a workable, simple and sustainable wardrobe system that is organised beautifully so you don't have to search for clothing and where you can see every item, making getting ready in the morning a calm, easy and efficient experience.


We follow up with a PDF that explains how to store, look after and clean your clothes and accessories so you maintain each item and have longer wear out of your wardrobe.

This full service costs £400 for five hours and is based on a standard double wardrobe and a set of drawers. If you require extra time, or have more than this, a charge of £50 per hour will be added.

* these sessions can be split into just a cleanse (lasting 2.5 hours and costing £200 and an audit by itself (lasting 2.5 hours and costing £200)

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