I’ve always enjoyed being creative with clothes and have been fascinated with the history and evolution of fashion through popular culture since I was a child.


A move from London to Leeds and a change in lifestyle started me off on my own clothing cleansing (or de-cluttering) journey. I tried a number of ways to get rid of and re-purpose my clothing, but I had no time to list things on selling sites and it became overwhelming. I felt suffocated with all the ‘stuff’ and never having anything to wear, yet with wardrobes bursting at the seams. Once I figured out a strategy, found my rhythm and it all clicked together in my head, I actually found the cleansing and organising of my wardrobe energising during the process, and calming once it was finished. 


As well as advising friends and family on outfit ideas and the best places to pick up items, I also ended up doing wardrobe consultations just for fun. Before long I was being recommended and the next natural step for me was to start doing something I loved as a business.


Because of my own personal experience I am passionate about helping others find balance within their wardrobe. I think a lot of people worry about working with a personal stylist, or having their wardrobe cleansed and re-organised, because they’re nervous their relationship with clothes may be judged in some way, but there’s nothing I haven't seen before or experienced first hand through my own personal journey. That’s what makes it even more special; I’ve walked in your shoes, can empathise with the emotional process ahead and know how to work with you to make this an individual and positive experience.


Having also worked for 16 years as a brand and recruitment consultant in London and Leeds (fashion, retail, PR, digital, law, social care, entertainment, gaming, heritage and professional services), I completely understand the importance of visual representation through clothing. A big part of my recruitment role was coaching people to represent a brand or business and how to sell themselves through the clothes they wore.


In February 2020 I formally re-train as a personal style and image consultant with the London College of Style, which means I can bring even more experience and value to my clients.