Born and raised in the 70s during the complexities of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, I have garnered my own fashion identity.


Conformity - especially within fashion, how its represented and the fact we need to ‘fit in’ has never been part of my DNA but there is a lot of pressure within our culture today to ‘wear the right colour’ of the season or buy a ‘must have’ dress.


Art College encouraged me to understanding the importance of how art history, fashion and music all influence our personal style, giving us confidence in what we wear.


We come in all shapes and sizes, which defines who we are. It should be something that we embrace - I have almost 30 years of working in fashion to share with our clients.


My background includes working in Fashion Retail Management and Visual Merchandising with Jigsaw / Jigsaw Menswear and Harvey Nichols.


Then I worked in fashion recruitment, successfully delivering Management placements for various brands - who include Selfridges, Hobbs and Urban Outfitters.


My role as both a Womenswear & Menswear Buyer in the luxury sector, meant that I attended Fashion Week in London, Paris and New York. This has given me a 360 vision on all aspects of the industry and the impact that it is making within our world. It jump-started my journey into ethics and sustainability.


Reselling, preloved and swapping will outdate fast fashion by 2025…I can refresh your wardrobe through editing and styling without incurring shopping expenses.


In an ideal world everyone will address their fashion choices in the same way that they are recycling plastics in the kitchen, their coffee cup or questioning their carbon footprint.