At the mercy of the Menopause - my opinion and not endorsed by anyone else!

Its been 30 months since leaving perimenopause....and I'm currently hurtling down the track, on a high speed train that is commonly known as The Menopause, The Change, Private Summers or (a new one to me) Mentalpause.

Apparently 1 in 4 women going through this journey consider resigning from their jobs, it would be interesting to know if this is related to 'what can I wear' and 'is what I'm wearing' exasperating the the chronic exhaustion, extreme sadness and the hot flushes.

For me, the hot flushes and hyperhidrosis (a polite way to say excessive sweating!) have been relentless and strike without warning - which gives outfit options another factor to take into consideration!

HRT isn't an option for me as I have a cardiac condition and taking hormone replacements would put me into the extremely high risk bracket of strokes and heart attacks.

HRT is used to replace depleting oestrogen, and oestrogen is the hormone that ensures the smooth running of the female body. Black Cohosh is a traditional herbal medicine that I use to relieve the systems of the menopause and a high strength CBD oil.....I know that trials have said its not beneficial but if I am experiencing the placebo effect...thats ok by me!

I max up on Vitamin D and eat / drink loads of green leafy vegetables to keep iron levels up - this is a must for energy levels and joint pain.

Recently I have worked with Clients who are in a similar position to me, they have asked how to deal with the extreme rise of body temperature - caused by a woman’s estrogen level rising and falling dramatically....usually in the workplace!

I recommend dressing in layers, avoiding wool, silk and more importantly the dreaded synthetics fabrics...nylon, polyester and PVC which are all cheap man made fabrics, made with masses of chemicals, not biodegradable, and will persist in the environment indefinitely....hence my mantra CHECK YOUR LABEL CONTENT!

So what fabrics do I recommend?

Conscious Cotton, merino wool, linen, rayon (yes I know its man made but it usually comes from wool pulp and other natural fibres). Finally the hero of any wardrobe....denim.

Denim is self cleansing and a real workhorse. Good quality denim should be a must and doesn't have to be expensive....Levis were the main denim line until the 80s and always built to last, a vintage pair can be picked up for less than a high street brand of inferior quality.

Plan your outfit in advance (check the weather for the next day...who wants to be wearing white pants when its tipping to prepare, prepare to fail). Steer clear of tight clothing and tights, I wear long skirts or culottes with cotton knee high socks.

Finally and most importantly, this stage of your life will pass in a heartbeat, it should be something that is embraced, discussed and shouted from the roof tops so we can share our experiences without judgement. It happens to every woman and should be recognised by our bosses & colleagues in the workplace....I wonder if these symptoms were happening to men would it be the same?

Tracey x