On the 4th Oct we were invited to a private presentation by #smartworkleeds on how we can get involved with the incredible work that they do by providing clothes and coaching for unemployed women with interviews.

Their Royal Patron HRH Duchess of Sussex #sussexroyal said " women, it is 100% our responsibility to support and uplift each other"

Since our #slowfashionswap with and we have been curating any business dress (left over from the swaps) for the clients who will be using the services of

Their new brand new (8th) outpost will open in Leeds in Nov 2019 and you can make a donation via their instagram page.

There are around 22,000 women in Leeds who are unemployed - this is above the national average. It will cost around £6K per month to keep this charity open, which works out at £600 per day. It's staggering when you look at these statistics...needless to say that all fundraising offers / help will be greatly appreciated.

At Approved our MO is authentically based on supporting women and creating environments for self empowerment and to network freely.