WARDROBE MANAGEMENT - mindful maintenance

Personally I think that the 'New Year, new me' really starts in February when the Christmas hangover is well and truly over.

Mindful wardrobe maintenance is now an actual process that is being integrated into our attitudes towards waste, consumption and the journey of a piece of clothing.

Are your wardrobes bulging and your drawers heaving...well here is an easy guide to getting started on your cleanse....

1. take everything out ( and that means everything including under beds and on top of wardrobes)

2. Look at each piece and categorise into A) wear all the time..... B) can't remember the last time I wore.....C) no longer fits either me or my lifestyle....D) Special occasion

Split B & C into donate, give to friends, sell

Put everything back into your wardrobe in lifestyle sections....this will give you clarity on what you have and an opportunity to 'shop your wardrobe'

If this all seems too much, then you know what to do...


Book a session with us, its like therapy for your busy mind and an incredibly cathartic experience....we won't ruthlessly cull your wardrobe just make it easier to start your day.

Tracey xx