Before visiting we send you a short series of questions about your personal style habits, what you want your clothes to say about you. This means the time we spend together is utilised well.


Our whole ethos is built on working with clients to make the best use of what they already have and often, you’ll find that even when you think you have nothing to wear we can create lots of outfits from your existing wardrobe and save you money on unnecessary fashion purchases.


We’ll spend some time going through your wardrobe, pulling out any obvious pieces that don't work for you and then from there we can start to create new outfits based on the clothes, shoes and accessories that you have. As we do this, we’ll talk to you about how to dress for your body shape and which colours work for you as well as the theory behind each outfit and how to accessorise, so you start to learn what works and how to style yourself. This means that when you do go shopping, you shouldn't be making emotional or panic purchases, but considered and sustainable ones. We take photos of all the finished outfits as you’re wearing them so you have a visual guide to refer back to and we’ll talk you through any gaps you have in your wardrobe, what basics you need, what items to invest in and how to create a capsule wardrobe.


Once we’ve advised on how to care for and store your clothes so they last longer, we take away any unwanted items for you.


This lasts for 3 hours, costs £250 and is based on a standard size double wardrobe and a large set of drawers. Any additional time is charged at £50 per hour.

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